High blood pressure during pregnancy

I am 24 weeks pregnant according to scan. I was done anomalies scan. Uterine artery doppler report was normal. I am taking ecosprin 75 with antioxidants. Iron .dha and sildepression. My doc was doing my scane before three days at that time bpd-56.9cm. (23.3wk)hc-220.7 (24.1wk)ac -188(23.4w)fl-45.2 (25w) fetal weight 681gm.ac and bpd slightly lower side.my previous history preterm lscs due to pIH with iugr.so at time I am confused my blood pressure 130/80.urine alb-nil.so what kind of precautions should be taken. Pls give me right suggestions. My height is to small compare to my husband.

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  1. Thanks for consulting us . Don't get worried.Take medicines as advised by your doctor.Take Tab Folsafe I 1tab daily after food.Cap Fersolate CM 1 tab after lunch and any Calcium Citrate tablet 1 tab BDAC.
    Avoid extra salt in your food.
    Take 3hours rest in the after noon and 8 hours night sleep.Lie down on left side.
    Tab Aspirin to continue..
    Get your Blood tested for URIC acid.other than the examn.advised by your doctor.
    Get your B.P checked by a doctor at regular interval.If you can get Cap.Alamine over the counter then have 1 cap BDPC in consultation with your doctor.
    Check for swelling in feet or legs and abnormal wt.gain.
    Let me know your height and weight.Best wishes.
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    Thank you very much sir.your answer gave me positive hope. My height 5 inch and my weight 64.7kg.
  3. Good evening considering your height as 5feet your BMI is 27kg/sq meter which is on higher side you just try to reduce your wt slightly if possible since you are pregnant I won't advice you to go for dieting it might be due to normal wt.
  4. Contd..that increases during pregnancy.So don't worry just watch for swelling in legs and avoid salt,prickles,chats and street foods. Get yourself immunised against Tetanus if not done already.
    Best wishes.
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    Ok thank you sir.