High bilirubin

Hello doctor, a month ago i was diagnosed with jaundice. My bilirubin was 2.4 after a week it was 2.1 and after a week again it was 2.4 my last report was again from 2.1 to 2.3 . why is my bilirubin not going normal. Is this any serious. I was on ulyses 300, reheptin syrup, betonin syrup, omdem md4 , rzl-dsr for a month. now my doctor said to take only one tab of raciper D, and one tab in reheptin a day. Please help

High bilirubin

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  1. Hello Shubham,
    First of all I would suggest that you get yourself tested for Hepatitis B. This is a blood test.
    Apart from this blood test, you can start taking tablet Liv 52 which is an ayurvedic tablet and is very helpful to strengthen the liver.
    You can take one tablet twice a day for 15 days and repeat your bilirubin levels. You can inform me the reports after 15 days.
    Hope this solves your query. Please contact us at Medimetry for more information.