Diet for Hiatal Hernia and Duodenum ulcer.


I have diagnosed with hiatal hernia and duodenum ulcer. Whenever i eat foods like fish, mutton, eggs, milk, chicken it upsets my stomach even when i drink or smoke i feel burning sensation on my chest which doesn’t allow me eat anything as i couldn’t bear that pain.
Can you advice me a diet which keeps me healthy, active(as i feel lazy whole day), energetic since i workout so i have to be active strong n healthy
I also need to take adequate amount of protein carbs n fat…so please suggest me with the proper diet which can help me.

stomach ache


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  1. Hello Vinni. Welcome to Medimetry
  2. Vinni, the foods you mentioned definitely cause stomach upset in hernia and ulcer cases. Also you should avoid gas forming foods like cabbage, cauliflower, onions, brinjal, melons, beans, peas. Avoid strong tea or coffee. As it contains caffeine which might again irritate your stomach. You should eat cooked foods only. Instead of milk, buttermilk or curd will be more helpful. Include starchy foods like rice daily in your meals so that you get good energy. Whole grains, fruits in limit and cooked vegetables will help you get rid of the stomach upset. Incase of non veg, you can have clear chicken broth instead of pieces and thick gravies. For pulses, include only split dals and avoid whole pulses like chana, Chole etc. Go ahead with a good amount of oil for energy purpose and to provide essential vitamins. Avoid junk foods, deep fried foods and the foods listed above, carbonated drinks. Drink plenty of plain water. Eat frequently and short meals. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries