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  1. Good morning M/s Pooja for consulting.First of let me know the following
    1.How long you are married?
    2.How long you are trying to conceive.
    3.Your age,height,body wt.any abnormal hair growth on face or chest,blackening of skin of nape of neck.
    4.Details of your menstual cycles like menarche,cycles,duration.
    5.How the diagnosis of PCOS has been made?what investigations so fat have been done.
    You can upload your report to Medi Metry with note for attention in my name.
    These would help me to guide you in a better way.
    In case no investigation has been done pl.feel to contact me .
    Don't get unnecessarily worried.
    PCOS can be taken care of and with modern day treatment fertility rate is quite good in PCOS.
    Best wishes.