Hernia during pregnancy and stretching.

I’m 29 weeks pregnant with the problem of hernia below my belly button. Whenever my belly button pops out I feel as if something is coming through the belly hole. I keep on pushing it inside. Is there something really to worry or shall I ignore it? My problem gets tough when I have severe cough. The muscles inside the belly feels a lot of stretch during coughing. Am I feeling all this because of hernia? Please give some suitable solution for hernia in pregnancy.



Hernia during pregnancy and stretching.
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    Hernia can be more bothersome in pregnancy due to stretch on muscles and over distention of abdomen. There is nothing much we can do about it in pregnancy. Avoid straining like due to cough or constipation or exercise etc. If you face any of the above, seek expert advice and get them treated to reduce the discomfort.

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