Hello , Suggest me any diet plan for reducing weight ?

Hi doctor , I have to reduce my weight.Currently I am 88kgs with 172cm height.My target is 66 -73kg,Due to tight work schedules and programmes I could not stick to Gym workouts.Coming across an article about Military dieting I was very much impressed.Is it good to do that,Will it be helpful, please also let me know if there are any harm?


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  1. Hello Pradeep. Welcome to Medimetry
  2. Military dieting is a kind of crash diet which will initially lose your weight at a faster pace but once you stop it, you will gain weight at a double rate
  3. My suggestion would be not to follow any kind of crash diet, but focus on healthy lifestyle modification. If not gym, find out simpler ways of exercise like walk, skipping, walking staircase, running etc. Eat a high protein diet like pulses, sprouts, eggs, low fat milk and its products. Cut down completely on simple sugars, refined foods, sweet beverages, deep fried foods and non veg. Follow a regular eating pattern. Do not overeat. Drink 2-3 glasses of water before every meal and begin with salad or protein preparation and then carbohydrate source. Set a monthly target and you will be motivated to achieve your goal of weight loss. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries
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