Hello I m 15 weeks pregnant n suddenly my TSH level is so high it’s 76.3

Hello I m 15 weeks pregnant n suddenly my TSH level is so high it’s 76.3 .previously mine TSH value is normal .endocrinologist suggest me to abort the child ..I just want to continue pregnancy …doctor is there any risk to continue my pregnancy
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  1. Good evening Shipra.Please get an USG done for foetal anomalies if any by a good sonologist.
    Check blood for 1) Free T3, Free T4,Lipid profile
    2)Serum Prolactin level.
    Start Taking 1)Tab.Eltroxin 100mcg 1 tab daily to start with
    2)Cap.Becosule Z 1cap after breakfast.
    3.)Tab.Folvite 1 tab daily
    4)Cap.Autrin 1 cap after lunch
    5)Tab.Calcium sandoz 1 cap BDAC.
    In consultation with your Obstetrician.
    You have to increase the dose of Eltroxin so check TSH Level after about a week.
    I would advice you to get checked at a Teaching Hospital by a senior doctor.Where do you stay?
    You mentioned your TSH level was previously normal .Please let me know when you had your last TSH done before pregnancy and was you on medicine for Hypothyroidism.
    Best wishes.

  2. Dear shipra , you can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of your doctor with this question.
    Thank you!
  3. Dear Shipra, I am in receipt of your reports sent.Your blood sugar level (PP) is on higher side.
    Restrict carbohydrate.Take iodised salt in food.Avoid egg,Red meat,fatty food.Take medicines as advised in consultation with your Obstetrician.
    Get blood examined for 1) Serum Insulin level 2)Free T3 &T4. 3)GTT
    Best wishes.
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    Sir I also want to know that docter suggest me to take tab oosure gdm for my raised PP blood sugar .is it necessary to take above medicine
  5. I have advised GTT for that.If your doctor has advised that you must follow his advice.As otherwise in suspected case GDM blood sugar will furter rise.
    Check for family history of Diabetes and hypothyroidism.
    Good luck.