Heavy menstrual with hypothyroid and iron deficiency.

I having heavy periods and not getting cured through medicine, having high b.p., iron deficiency, hypothyroid problem, having initial sugar too, having operation for heavy and long periods. low in energy, laziness, sensitive n get depressed fast.What to do?

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Family Physician

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  1. Good evening and warm welcome to MediMetry.

    I understand that with such issues your energy and morale will be down but don't worry it may get better over time.
    It appears to be a hormonal issue due to some imbalance in the body and I would suggest you upload your reports and medicines you take so I can help you further.
    Alternatively you may approach an endocrinologist with your reports and stabilise especially your thyroid.

    Please keep a very strict watch on your diet and exercise.

    Please get back to me with your reports.

    Live healthy