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  1. Good evening Priyanka.Thanks for your consultation.
    You did not mention your LMP and date on which urine for pregnancy test was done.
    If you did the urine examination before 45 days from the first day of last menstrual period then repeat the test.
    If negative you take Tab.Ethamsylate 250mgm TDSX 3 to 4 days.alternatively you can have Inj.Botrpase 1 amp I.M stat in consultation with your doctor.
    Get an USG whole abdomen done.
    Examine blood for
    1.Free T3, T4 and TSH
    2.Serum Prolactin level
    4.Hamatocrit values.B.T., C.T,Prothrombin tiime & index &:
    Good wishes.
  2. Contd....Blood for INR
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    My lmp is 6 may 2016 n yesterday i got my periods after having bestova 50
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    I took pregnancy test on 11th
  5. Pregnancy test in urine to be done at least after 45 days from
  6. C ontd...From LMP. Pl.follow the advice already given.
    Good night.
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    I hav consulted gynic today. She prescribed me siphene 50.. Is it safe to use for pregnancy..can i get pregnancy by using dat...
  8. Good morning Priyanka.Are you undergoing treatment to conceive ?If so Clomiphene Citrate will help you for induction of ovulation and help to conceive.
    Best wishes.
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    Yes am taking treatment for conceiving..i want know in how much span of tym does it take to convince by using dat medicine
  10. It will depend upon on your ovulatory status provided all other causes of infertility have been excluded.
    For ovulation status you are to do folliculometry/ ovulation study by USG.Alternatively you can use Pregdate kit from 11th to 15th day of cycle to be tested in urine 2hours after lunch.
    Best wishes.
  11. ** correction☆ on your ovulatory status...
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    Gud morning doctor.. I hav a doubt.. Yesterday i traveled on byk. Due to some reason i hav experienced very heavy pressure on my stomach... After some tym i found 2 drops of bleeding.. Then today i got my periods.. Bt i dint feel any signs of periods from last week.. Bt sudenly i got nw.. I m under treatment for conceiving..plz hlp me doc..wats the reason for suden periods
  13. Good evening Priyanka.When did you have period after 6th. of May? Pl.let me know.
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    June 16th
  15. Pl.get an USG lower abdomen done to exclude ovarian hyperstimilation due to clomophene.
  16. *Clomiphene
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    Wat would be reason for geting periods sudenly
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    I m feeling very drowsy n sick accompanied by fever n heavy pains
  19. Pl.consult your doctor urgently.
    Best wishes.
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    Gud mrng doc.. I hav consulted my gynic. She did urine test n its negative. She gave me ovigyn dsr n xfert-f tablets.. Can this hlp in conceiving for sure.. Frm last 2 mnths i hav used bestova 50 ,ovigyn dsr n siphene 50 tabs respectively.
  21. Good evening Priyanka.Your initial problem was heavy bleeding for that I advised you to get some invesigations done.I don't know whether you got it done or http://not.In treatment of Infertility certain protocols to be followed.Unless I have the investihation reports and detailed case history it is difficult to advice any treatment.
    Let me know the following
    1.Your age, height, body weight.Occupation of both of yours.
    2.How long you are married.
    3.Past history of major illness or surgery
    4.Family history of Diabetes.Hypertension.Hypothyroidism
    5.Any history of abortion or MTP
    6.Husband's semen analysis rrport
    7.Your USG , Tubal patency test reports
    Please whats app all reports so far done at Medi Metry with attention of Dr.Pradip.
    Best wishes.
  22. Dear Priyanka , You can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr. Pradip with this question.
    Thank you!
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    Gud mrng doctor.. My sister is also under the treatment for the thing is after 14 days of using ovigyn dsr and b long f and she strtd bleeding frm 14th day..wat would be the reason for suden bleeding in the middle of the month???
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    Dear Priyanka, please submit it as separate question as this question is for your query and now you want to ask about your sister. Thanks !
  25. Dear Priyanka good evening.Thanks for your confidence shown Medi Metry.
    Since it is a problem related to your sister it would be better if you please request your sister to put the queries directly to help her in a better way.
    Best wishes.
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    Gud eveng doc..july 14 th is my last period.. Now i dint get my getting water lyk discharge.. Wat does it mean.. Is it the starting of periods or any other reasons..
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    I hav lower back pain too
  28. Pl.wait for 15 days more if period doesn't come get urine examined for pregnancy. Best wishes.