Heaviness in head and heavy breathing

Hello Doctor,

When i was 16, I consumed 500 ml alcohol in friends house. when i came back to my house i was senseless and my parents think i have a medical problem. I was senseless like for 3 hours so i was in hospital and my medical test report was fine but doctors think i have a brain problem. They give me oxetol xr600, folic acid and i had head pain so they give me sibilium 10mg.

So first time i did not told my parents about it and took those medicines. But now a time i have many problem like i told before that sad mood, eye pain (but my eye is fine i check my eye in nepal hospital). So tell me what should i do. I still have consumption of those drugs. My parents did not know what i am doing that time but now i did not drink for last 2 years. Please tell me what should i do.

Heaviness in head and heavy breathing

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  1. Hello welcome to medimetry
    Thanks for the query
    well may be due to medication which you are taking must have caused such side effect
    I would suggest you undergo proper physical examination by a Md physician
    For heaviness in head listen music do yoga realx your mind
    For heaviness in chest undergo a chest X ray and CBC
    and revert back to me with reports
    Take care
    Regards !!