Is it Heart related or Cervical problem. Suggest ?

Dear doctor My wgt.78 Hight. 5.11 BP level 125/85 Sugar level normal Lipid profile on April 16 …. Normal TMT…. Normal ECHO. .Normal ECG on 25 july .Normal MRI. C3 TO C7 Nrevse roots r mild diffuse My chest (Heart) paining in sevral side i.e. left side right side upper side lower side middle side and back side. My left hand shoulder neck and jack r paining and 2 to 3 days my right hand is also paining I have confuse what dissease Plz favorable reply Regard Ajaj

heart attack

Family Physician

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    It seems that the pain is due to nerve compression at cervical spine.
    Considering your cardiac profile to be normal, I would suggest you to use cervical collar and consult a good physiotherapist who can guide you with good exercises.

    Hope this helps.
    Take care!!
  2. User
    My D3 level 11
    And B12 level 1086
    Plz advise
  3. Take d boost sachet one every week along with milk for 4 weeks.