8th month pregnancy, please guide me on healthy pregnancy diet.

I’ve entered in 8th month of pregnancy and I’m working. Which pregnancy diet should I take now to keep myself fit. I travel 30 to 40 km daily. Which precautions should I follow in this period to keep myself healthy?


8th month pregnancy, please guide me on healthy pregnancy diet.

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    In 8th month of pregnancy, extreme precautions have to be taken to avoid premature delivery. While travelling, make sure you carry along mini meals and avoid staying hungry for long time. Keep drinking sips of water.
    Also you should start doing prenatal yoga which includes light squats and muscle toning postures. These will help your muscle relax and also be prepared for delivery.
    It is right time to include high protein food items such as pulses, eggs, sprouts, soyabean in your diet. After coming home from work, take atleast half an hour rest by lying down on your left side. Be observant of any swelling in legs and feet as it is expected due to travelling. If you see swelling, try keeping your feet at a little height.

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