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  1. Hi,did you have numbness,swelling or redness over the get worsen while you move your wrist?is pain goes to the elbow these are some symptoms which shows tennis elbow,carpal tunnel or tendinitis.Its not necessary that you was suffering from these problem. You should provide rest to the wrist joint either by using splint or support,take ice therapy two times daily for pain relief and reduce swelling, if pain not reduces then go to the doctor and have x ray..
  2. Do strenghtening exercise for wrist like with forearm support ed on table extend your wrist ten times and flex it.with forearm in mid supine position extend wrist for ten can use ball for strengthening of hand muscles. Hope answered your query ,thanx
  3. Hi. . U should also take few precautions and workplace adjustments as well in addition; such as taking break of 2 minutes after 15 min of typing and do gentle exercises of wrist as explained previously by mam, keep a note that your wrist is kept n neutral or in slight extension. Do not use keyboard stand.
    Avoid frequent use of wrist in order to get relieved from symptoms during work hours.
    Hope this served your purpose as well
  4. First question its 1 wrist or both wrist pain?if 1 wrist then maximum chances of over use pain due to wrong position which may leading to carpal tunnel syndrom.but if its both wrist pain maximum chances of referred pain from neck or upper back.because you can not use a system without mouse which means 1 wrist moves please see a physiotherapist and orthopaedician both for differential diagnosis and management will be done as per diagnosis.but ergonomics correction is must for you which you easily find in google images.
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    I have only left hand wrist pain and left side only
  6. If 1 wrist than maximum chances of local wrist problem due to overuse .make sure the blòod uric level is normal.takecare of ergonomics.start some indesk ergonomics exercises which you can easily find in google images.If symptoms still persists please go for consultation as advised.
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    Thank you