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  1. Do you feel pain in both wrist? From how many dayz you have this problem...consult to the physiotherapist first before surgery she will take your proper assessment and guide you ...there are several causes for wrist pain
  2. Like tendonitis,carpal tunnel syndrome,cyst,bone spur etc..provide rest to your wrist,do massage over the affected area,do stretch of hand by doing supination and pronation of your hand,also do strengthening exercises for hand once your pain subsides for this place your hand on towel role and then extend your hand ..can use squeeze ball for fingers
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    Thank you doctor.

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    Then not neseccesssry to go for an operation...
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    No I feel pain only in my left wrist. And it is from near about last one and half months.
  6. Yes its not compulsory but the treatment procedure will totally depends on diagnosis ...take physiotherapy from ur nearby physiotherapy centre...
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    Ok thank you very much dr.