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    It is very normal to have a clear and runny, whitish or slightly yellowish vaginal discharge during pregnancy. With the number of changes taking place in your body to get it prepared for the delivery, it is very natural to have these changes. The cervix receives an increase in blood supply and hormone levels also keep changing. More mucous is secreted which results in increased vaginal discharge. The discharge can be so much that you may need to wear a pad.

    The discharge is non-smelly in normal conditions. However, if you experience foul smell, bloody or greenish discharge, or itching or a burning sensation, you should immediately consult your doctor, as it could be related to infection. No over-the-counter drugs should be taken as they could have detrimental effects on your baby.

    There is a mucous plug in the cervix which closes the entrance to the uterus. During the later stages of pregnancy, you may start losing this plug as well. It is jelly-like substance and maybe discharged over a period of few days or all at once. It is normal to have a slightly pinkish color to this discharge, which indicates that you are close to your delivery date.

    The normal vaginal discharge is annoying but can be ignored. However, even if you feel the slightest hint of uneasiness or discomfort due to it, you should get it checked with your doctor.

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