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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.

    Please do let me know about the medications you are taking. You may also consult your doctor regarding the same.

    As of now, I would advise you to have good healthy nutritious food with regular exercise and good night's sleep. Have one omega 3 capsule and one multivitamin capsule daily.
    You may consider dyeing your hair black or approaching professional hair care services.

    Live healthy!
  2. User
    I consult a dermotologist for skin desese. Vozet (anti alergic tablet). Continew for 45 days then i found one white hair then day after two and so on... Now i am not taking any medicine but i worried soon i will be covered with white hair but my hair on head is black naturally..
    I was consult other doctor but he reply that this is common in your age. And not reversible with any medicine.
  3. Please do not worry as stress also will have bad effect on your hair and other body systems.
    Yes, what your doctor said is true. In my practise I have myself seen patients as young as 25 having lot of white scalp hair. It's dependent on your genes and nutritional status to some extent.
    Please do follow my advise.

    Live healthy!