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  1. Hi Piyanshi
    Welcome to MediMetry. I can understand your concern.
    You are facing the problem of eyes strain due to lack of eyes rest while studying.
    Here are the following things that you can try that will help you to heal your eyes:
    1) Wash your eyes with cold water in morning.
    2) Close your eyes for 5-10 minutes in between study. It will help your eyes to rest.
    3) Put Cucumber or aloe-Vera eyes mask on your eyes. It will help as cooling agent your eyes.
    4) Have a proper sleep of 8 hours.
    5) Walk on green grass on early morning.
    6) Use lubricating eye drop
    7) Use proper lighting in your room. also Avoid laptop or mobile light at night while sleeping.
    8) Give proper rest to your eyes.

    For more detailed dicsussion you can take private consultation.