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  1. Hi Mayan. Thanks for posting your query on MediMetry.
    For the warts on your face, and face lightening procedures, you may have to go to a skin specialist who will access your case and after examination probably suggest one of the following treatment modalities for warts:

    - Medications (Retinoids, Salicylic Acid, Cantharidin, etc.) which will help lift or burn away each layer of the wart.

    - Cryotherapy (using Liquid Nitrogen) helps by destruction of cells of the wart.

    - Surgery usually scoops out the wart from the face. Usually done by scalpel or laser.

    These treatment modalities vary depending on the severity and extent of the warts.
    Do not try to remove them on our own without proper guidance by the skin specialist.

    Hope this answers your query. Please do refer this app to your friends and colleagues.
    Live healthy.
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    Thanks madam definitely I will inform to my family n friends , thanks for ur gratitude and helpful suggestion love u maam