Having thighs muscle pain at night

I have a thigh muscle pain from last 20 yrs. I work in construction field which involves walking and standing sometimes 2- 3 hrs continuous. But I don’t feel pain in the day time but when i take rest and specially in the night I feel very pain in thigh, if some weight is given I feel relax. I belong from cold weather area and in winter I feel very cold in thigh other than other portion. Please suggest.

Having thighs muscle pain at night
Family Physician

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  1. welcome to medimetry!
    i need to know any history of fall, injury, surgery etc.
    any other medical history...sugar levels, blood pressure...
    are your both thighs paining? it could be due to calcium and potassium deficiency along with vitamin d.
    you should consult a physiotherapist for some specific exercises of legs and thighs to make your muscles strong.
    Thigh muscles need to be strengthened.
    by then you should use hot packs...avoid wearing tight pants or jeans....