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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.After birth a baby's face may appear puffed due to fluid collection and rough trip through the birth canal.Gradually this swelling diminishes.Is the swelling in your baby increasing or decreasing since birth?Swelling on cheek can be due to any injury,enlarged lymph nodes or so.If possible please send me baby's picture.A clinical examination is necessary for appropriate diagnosis and management of your baby's condition.I suggest that you get baby examined.Treatment will depend on the specific cause.Keep me posted on baby's health.Take care and best wishes!
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    Dear madam,thanks for your valuable suggasion.swelling on both check appair after 10 days from bath and now it change some position but not increasing or decreasing..its little come down from both check...madam is it any gland or anything?
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    Dear madam ,i have done usg of both check and get the i send the pic of report...
  5. Hi you can send report on +918800868744 with my name. THANKS.
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    Okk ...i have send...
  7. Hi Subhadip hope you are good and nice to hear back from you.Bacterial infections,viral infections,autoimmune conditions and granulomatous diseases all can cause superficial parotid swellings.A detailed history and clinical examination findings necessary for appropriate diagnosis and management of your baby's condition.What did your doctor say what is he suspecting?Do keep us posted with more information .Wishing your baby a speedy recovery.Take care and best wishes!
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    Hi madam,doctor cant guace anything.adviced me for usg of cheek and some blood taste..after that he will checkup date 13th june..but usg report not clear to say the exact cause ..what u think madam??pls suggest for next...
  9. Hi Subhadip is the swelling really very significant or is it mild?How is baby's activity and feeding?If it's normal you should not worry.For the time being no active intervention unless child is sick.A repeat USG after a week may be done to assess the situation.Keep me posted .If possible send baby's picture of cheeks.Take care!
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    Dear madam,the swelling not increasing or baby is very sleepy she cant properly feed by sucking but sometime feeding well..she feeding for 2-3minits weight of my baby is 2.8 kg..which type of activity are abnormal??pls understand me...what u think after seeing usg report?from hospital doctor advice for levipil mrdicine..for this reason is she sleepy?how many days we should continue levipli?should mri needs immidiate for proper diagnosis??pls suggest your opinion as soon as possible....thank u madam...
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    Birth weight of my baby was 3.07 kg..
  12. Hi Subhadip The medicine being given to your baby is antiseizure medication.I think you should seek second opinion from a senior Paediatrician.The baby overall appears to be normal .Why did you get sonogram of parotids done?What is reason of decreased sucking?A detailed thorough antenatal history, post natal history and clinical examination findings corelation with test results is a must.Please keep me posted.Take care and regards!
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    Hello madam,have u see the pic of my baby...from today i feel that swelling of cheek decreassing but very minor percentage..i have consult with local doctor regarding the weight of my baby not increase upto mark he advice for outer the sleepy mode of my baby decrease...little bit feel bater now..i am worried untill full recovery...i had cunsulted with a reputated senior peadiatricion..he want to ovserve some days and next checkup date 13th june..
  14. Hi Subhadip nice to hear back from you.Its great news that the swelling is decreasing.Please discuss with the Senior Paediatrician the need for giving that medication to your baby.Please keep me posted Take care and good day!