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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.

    Your condition is also called Palmar hyperhydrosis. Yes I do know it's a very embarrassing situation especially when at social gatherings.

    It's cause is largely unknown and it usually tends to be genetic.
    The oversecretion of sweat is sometimes caused due to emotional states and stress but is usually due to body s thermoregulation ie mechanism of the body to maintain normal temperature during heat, so is involuntary.

    I would suggest right now for you to try some OTC antiperspirant for your hands (usually 20% aluminium chloride compounds) at night and wash it off completely in the morning and see if you achieve the desired effects.
    For the long run, you may also consult the nearest health facility for a management uniquely designed for you. Such management usually involves one or more of the following techniques:
    - passage of small amount of electric charges into the skin ie iontophoresis.
    - botox injections into the skin.
    - certain surgical techniques depending on the severity of each case.

    As this condition also tends to occur in stressful and highly emotional states, medications my be prescribed. However you may practise yoga or meditation of your choice instead of the medications which usually tend to have an addictive potential or side effects in the long run.

    Hope your query has been answered. Please do write back to us for further clarifications.
    Live healthy.