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  1. Good morning.Please get an urgent USG whole abdomen and stool for RE done.
    Usually pain might occur during that period due to ovulation but that should not be on one side every month.
    It might be due to colitis or stone in left ureter as well or due to adnexal pathology.
    You have not mentioned of your age or marital status,did you have any surgery in the past?
    Pl.update me with the informations.
    Thanks and best wishes.
  2. User
    Married and have a child of 2 year with surgery
  3. Please get the investigations done and contact me at Medi Metry.Thanks.
  4. User
    Dear User, You may whatsapp your reports at +91 8800868744. Please also mention the name of Dr. Pradip and also mention the reference of this question. Thanks !