Having small penis size.

Hello doctor,

I have small penis size. I want to enlarge my penis size it’s 4.5 inches only when erected. Had bad habit of masturbation since the age of 16 till  29. I stop that after marriage. Now I am 39 please tell me how can I increase my penis size?

Having small penis size.

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  1. Hello Aasif,
    Welcome to medimetry, I can understand your concern.

    Size of penis varies between races, individuals to individuals and it will also depend upon genetics.
    Do not remain stressed about this.
    Size of penis cannot be increased by medicines.
    Some exercises like jelqing (penis enlargement technique) can help to increase the size of penis provided done in proper manner.
    This consists of milking like actions on semi erect penis from base to tip repeatedly about 3-4 times a day for about 5-10 minutes per episode.
    Capsule Absolut- 3G once daily before bedtime for 1 month.
    Tablet Evion 400 (vitamin E) once daily at bed time for 1 month

    Thanks to ask at MediMetry.