Having small lump near anus

Hello Doctor, I have a small lump near anus from last one month. It does not bleed or hurt too much but some times it hurts during bowel movements. Today i noticed a small pimple like appearance near my vagina. Please suggest me a good treatment and cure for this.

Having small lump near anus

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    Yes, it could be a fissure please send me 2-3 photos of the lump
    You might have chronic constipation in the past due to which you require straining during defecation. Because of that straining and hard stool, lower most part of anal canal gets abraded and from which developed an anal fissure.
    Anal fissure and excessive straining causes high pressure over tiny blood vessel present in the wall of the lower most anal canal and from which hemorrhoid develops.
    hemorrhoid and anal fissure are significant with the presence of bleeding, which suggest a requirement of surgery.
    These are anatomical diseases, which cannot be corrected with medications. Medications help only to reduce the symptoms associated with these conditions.
    The Probable causes:

    Investigations to be done:
    Digital rectal examination and proctoscopy.

    Probable diagnosis:
    Anal fissure and hemorrhoids.

    Treatment plan:

    Preventive measures:
    Medical treatment and diet modification to prevent constipation.
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