Having severe pain in pubic bone

I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have severe pain in the lower part of my pubic bone. Pain in pubic bone since many weeks and I feel as if my baby has kicked me so badly again and again. I avoid standing for long hours. The pain is equally same even while sitting or lifting up a leg or even while climbing up the stairs. What could be the problem with me. Is it something serious?


Having severe pain in pubic bone
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    Pelvic pain is quite common in pregnancy and may start in 1st trimester or later. It is usually due to loosening of pubic bone support by relaxation of ligaments due to hormone relaxin. It may worsen with increasing gestation.
    You should visit your doctor for check up and rule out other problems like preterm labour or infection. If it's pubic bone only, seek help of a physiotherapist and learn about exercises for pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles and back. You can also discuss if pelvic belts can be of help in your case. till then do some measures to reduce pain by applying gels or paracetamol tabs with advice of your doctor.

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