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    Hi. Greetings. Acne is a chronic problem. You may need a few medications and lifestyle changes for long term improvement.
    The following would help you :
    1. Daily use of gel based sunscreen in day time of SPF 30 applied half hour before sun exposure to prevent darkening of spots.
    2. Daily bed time use of retinoid cream
    3. Antibiotic agents short course- prescribed by dermatologist for controlling out bursts .salicylic acid based or benzoyl peroxide based face wash for oily skin.
    4. Evaluation by dermatologist for any other trigger or need for oral retinoids- this will indeed help but should be taken only if necessary and under monitoring. Also salicylic acid Peel if needed
    5. Chemical peels for acne and spots.
    Using an anti fungal shampoo will be of great help in reducing dandruff and also pimples on forehead
    6. Daily fitness work out and loads of fruits and veggies will help loads in improving your skin.