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  1. hi Vilas
    welcome to medimetry
    thanks for writing to us
    I can understand your concern
    acne treatment depends upon severity of acne
    acne is common adolescent problem,but if not treated properly will lead to scars and pigmentation over face
    plz let me know the medicines you have applied or applying right now?
    you have acne acne scars
    first focus on acne and then we can deal with scars
    because we can't do active intervention like dermaroller,fractional co2 or erbium laser when patient is still having active acne
    for blackheads - comedone extraction is best
    plz attach the pics of your face so that I can guide you better
    wash your face twice daily with ethiglow face wash
    don't scrub it will increase inflammation and redness of face
    avoid milk products,junk foods,aerated drinks
    eat lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables
    don't keep oil over scalp overnight
    protect your face from sun
    see you have inflammatory acne pigmentation blackheads scars
    acne treatment require 3- 4 months
    I need to see the photos of your face to decide line of treatment
    please let me know if you have any further queries