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    There are tiny tear ducts that normally drain the tears from the eyes into the cavities near the nose. Sometimes these tiny tear ducts are not completely open at birth or become clogged later on. Excess tears then well up in the eyes.Here's how you and your doctor can clear up this condition:
    1. Wash away the drainage
    Using clear water on a clean, soft cloth, gently wipe the yellow discharge out of your baby's eyes. Do this several times a day or as often as necessary.

    2. Massage the tear ducts
    The tear ducts lie just beneath the nasal corner of the eyes. If they are very blocked, you can often feel a bump where the corners of the eyelids converge. Using the tip of a well-scrubbed finger, gently massage this area moving your fingertip in a semi-circle from the corner of the eye inward toward the nose. Do this for around five to ten strokes at least six times a day. Make it part of your daily routine, before every diaper change for instance. Putting gentle pressure on the fluid-filled tear duct will often force the fluid through the clogged passages and open them up.

    3. Apply mother's milk
    It's an effective home remedy, if you are breastfeeding. Around six times a day, express a couple drops of your milk onto the tip of a clean finger and place them in the nasal corner of his draining eye. Each drop of your milk contains millions of infection-fighting white blood cells and natural antibacterial substances. And, it is kinder to sensitive little eyes than prescription drugs.

    If these home remedies do not work then visit the doctor for detailed examination and consultation of your baby's condition.

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