Having post delivery spotting.

Hello, It’s now 2 months post delivery and I am still having post delivery spotting. It was normal delivery and I bleeded for about 3 weeks not too heavy but 1 pad a day. And later it was stopped and again at 1 month exactly I had small amount of bleeding for 2 days and stopped and now since a week i.e from 8 week having spotting every day. Please suggest if it’s normal or do I need to get it checked.


Having post delivery spotting.
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  1. Hello and thank you for writing to us on Medimetry.It is possible that this spotting is your menses which have resumed after childbirth.If it persists other possible causes are pelvic infection,hormonal imbalances .I suggest that you consult your gyneacologist.A clinical examination and a pelvic scan may be needed depending on clinical examination findings.Treatment will depend on the cause.Do write to us again on Medimetry.Keep me posted.Good day!