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    Although the exact treatment of pimples depends on how severe the problem is, the following measures will definitely help:
    a. Wash your face once or twice daily with salicylic acid soap ( available as Acnelak) and water. This is to remove excess oil from the skin. After washing your face, use an oil free moisturizer.
    b. Don’t scrub as this worsens your acne.
    c. Apply Benzaclin ointment in the day time. This will help treat the pimples
    d. At night, apply 0.1% adapalene gel on the whole face. Don't apply in the day time as this can react with the sun and cause a reaction. This would cause some dryness and redness but this would gradually become better over a period of time.
    e. If it still does not become better, please see a dermatologist for a prescription of oral antibiotics like doxycycline, azithromycin etc.

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  2. Hi. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    Please try clindamycin gel for your face. Apply at night / evening.
    Wash your face regularly with medicated soap especially for your face. Don't touch your face with unclean hands.
    Use a good anti damdruff shampoo.

    Avoid excess oil in your food, fried foods, etc. Have lots of water.

    Do a complete blood test and do let me know here.
    Live healthy!