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    Pimple is some what hormonal and due to oily skin
    1. Don’t use hair oil and any sticky cream on face.
    2. avoid oily food , chocolate , milk products
    3. avoid dust, use sunscreen( above 30 SPF)
    4.Any cream don’t rub it on face
    5. don't use any steroid creams
    6.Continue treatment atleast 1 month
    7. Facewash or siapa are not treatment and not much use full
    8. Don,t touch acne and avoid pressing it.

    For treatment
    1.Clindamycine ( CLINTOP, FACECLIN, CLEAR GEL) - this is more of preventive and curative so I tell patients to use it all over face in the morning
    2.Adapalene gel ( adalene, defferine,)– I tell to use it over acne in the night.
    3.Tab doxy 100 mg once in a day.

    continue it for 1 month and review after that