Having periods problem

My age is 32 years old and my weight is 84 kg. My son is 7 years old. After my delivery my periods flow is very less and remain for one day only. After intercourse discharge quantity is very less and sometimes even does not came out. Is it allergic to any medicine? Please suggest me something.


Having periods problem
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  1. Thanks for consultation.Let me know your height and if there is any growth of hairs on face or chest or any secretion from breasts.How long the last child was breast fed and nature of last delivery any abnormal blood loss during or after delivery.
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    Hello Dr. Pradip.. My height is 5'5 and there is no such growth of hairs in any area. Child taken feed for 1 year 3 months and after he stopped taking feed ,milk was still coming in my breast then I take medicine to stop the milk. My delivery was normal and there is no abnormal blood loss
  3. Good evening.Your BMI is on the higher side it comes to30.75kg/meter square that is obese class I.You please try to reduce your wt.by attending jim and balancing your diet.Get your blood examined for Thyroid(TSH.FREE T4 and T3) profile,Serum prolactin.Lipid profile,PPBS and Haematocrit values and get back to me.
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