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    If the pain is there, there is more chances of that you may be suffering from a anal fissure and not the piles.

    I would advise you the following: please read carefully, understand each point and follow strictly. It is you who have to take a proper care and treatment:

    You can try the following method of treatment and you may NOT need surgery.
    High fiber diet.
    Avoid all the foods and beverages and stress-like conditions which gives constipation or any problem related to gastrointestinal system.
    Laxative for softening the stool- never allow the dose too much to cause liquid stools. You can try Liquid Cremaffin plus 2 teaspoonfull to be taken at bedtime (night only).
    Sitz bath- sitting in a tub with warm water. This is the most and very important- to be done just before passing a stool and after passing a stool.
    Clean the area very clear of the fecal soiling that remains after cleaning; use cotton soaked in the same water to clean.
    You can apply liquid povidone iodine locally. Apply nothing else.
    5 day course of an antibiotic and Metronidazole (You need a prescription of a local Doctor) as I can not give a prescription on internet.
    Also take probiotics and multivitamins.
    Avoid stress and mental tensions at any cost; this is a very important factor.

    Continue this for 3 weeks and most probably you may not need surgery.
    If the results are positive you have to continue doing all this and take proper care.

    Per-rectal and proctoscopy examination by a General Surgeon to get the exact cause/causes is also very important step. Get this done and give me feedback of the diagnosis told and the effects of the treatment I have suggested.

    I hope this answer helps you.
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