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    Usually pain after a minor fall could be due to strain or sprain of the muscles or irritation of the nerves. You may take rest, drink water or take an OTC painkiller if slight pain is present. But do not take pain killers for a long duration without getting a written prescription.

    If you are worried about your kidney or any other internal organ being injured, here are some presenting signs:
    - Fever
    - Blood or pinkish tinge in the urine
    -Unbearable pain in the abdomen
    -Bruising, swelling and hardening (rigidity/ guarding) of abdomen
    -Decreased urination
    -Pale skin, fainting, nausea, vomiting, etc.
    If the pain increases or is unbearable or above symptoms appear, please go to the nearest health facility where the physician may do a complete physical examination and if suspected may do an imaging examination also.

    Please let us know if any information or clarification is required.
    Live healthy.