Having pain in chest.

Sometimes I have pain in chest near left side. It is just for a while. Also it pain near breastbone. Also pain in back side. It gets palpitations rapidly. I feel sudden fall like in chest region. When I bring ECG, it is normal. I can’t understand why this happen? I also done cholesterol test which is normal. CPKMB test is also normal. I can’t understand what to do? I have done x-ray which is also normal. Please suggest!

Having pain in  chest.
Family Physician

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  1. Hello welcome to medimetry
    Thanks for the query
    well if your reports are normal i suggest you to take Pantop DSR twice in a day 2 hrs before the meal for 1 month regularly
    take syrup Digiene 1 table spoonful after the meal and continue for 1 month regularly
    look for the result and continue the treatment
    take a multivitamin syrup A to Z once in a day daily
    Take care