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  1. Do you feel pain in neck and back also?what kind of pain it is tingling or numbness?
  2. You can take heat therapy for pain relief...can go for physiotherapy sessions which includ s ultrasound ,SWD depending on your proper assessment this pain can be due to nerve compression ,arthritis etc.
  3. User
    I dnt hv paun in neck or back. Heat therapy is not a good idea. I think only cold theraby will work. Moreover pain is only localized to elbow, palm and wrist joints. At times i even have issues while exercising.
  4. Cold therapy will work in acute conditions...I would suggest go to nearby physiotherapy clinic for proper diagnosis and treat ment protocol.... Exercises which you do regularly are under guidance or not?
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    I have been working out for a while now. Such pain has never happened before. Since its a sharp pain hence cold therapy is preferred over hot.
  6. OK..u feel relax after cold therapy for how long your pain subsided?if your pain occur recurrently then go for x ray as pain in joints may be due to some.nerve compression also...