Having pain in foreskin of penis

Sir a few days back I had an oral intimacy with my girlfriend, but from last 5 days,

I m feeling pain in foreskin of penis as the string pains a lot.

Before I never had such problems but now I am facing this problem and now a

white scummy layer is deposited around the penis head. Sir, I never had all these problems

as I used to wash my part every day with soap and water but now I can’t do it as I feel pain in pulling down the foreskin. There was redness on the penis head but now it is very less.

Sir please kindly help

Having pain in foreskin of penis

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  1. hello
    Welcome to MediMetry
    I got to know about your issues,
    it seems to be any fungal infection which needs to be checked and diagnosed and to be treated properly.
    so the redness and other symptoms will fade away,moreover the retraction of foreskin issues will be solve as when you will become more sexually active,
    for relieving pain recently you can use some lidocaine jelly for pain free sexual intercourse.