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    It could be due to lumbar spondylosis or if the pain is confined to only hip it could be piriformis syndrome...

    If the pain is radiating down the thigh and leg there could be nerve compression at the level L4-L5.
    You should avoid certain positions or postures.

    Do not bend forward straight, do not get up straight from the bed always take a side turn and get up.
    Avoid standing straight for a long time in one position that puts extra strain over back.
    Avoid jerks while travelling.
    Use lumbosacral belt while travelling.

    You need to see a good physiotherapy clinic and get yourself thoroughly examined and start with the treatment which should include hot packs, TENS( burst mode down the leg) and ultra sonic therapy over tender points
  2. Avoid using indian toilets, squatt position.
    Do not experiment anything on your own.
    Follow all the preventive measures.