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  1. Hi
    Please elaborate your condition....where exactly it is paining? How long has it been occurring? What kind of profession are you into?
  2. There could be various reasons of back pain....poor posture, any trauma or injury etc.
    If you have a prolonged sitting work profile you will develop backacke due to poor posturing and less physical activity...if you drive or ride bike for long distances backache will occur.
    Did u lift any weight or any kind of trauma injury occurred?
  3. You can start with hot packs over your back for atleast twice a day....correct your sitting posture, try to sit straight and maintain it.
    Avoid bending forward directly rather bend your knees and then lift any object from the floor...
    Sleep on a firm mattress and never get up straight from the bed...take a side turn and then get up.

    If symptoms are aggravated then do visit a good physiotherapy clinic and get yourself thoroughly examined and start with the treayment which may include:

    IFT/ TENS, Ultrasonic therapy, mild mobilizations, stretchings and back extension exercises.
    For any further queries you are welcome.
  4. Also if you sit for ─║ong and work then it is better you get up every hour and walk around or do some mild stretchings....