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    I have gone through your query and can understand your concerns..

    As per your complain as you have described the lesions the understanding goes in two directions..
    1.In case if it is in the form of scattered painful ulcers then they are Apthous ulcers and can be treated with multivitamins, warm saline gargles, gargle with 1:1 solution of of benadryl and milk of magnesia, gargle with numbing mouthwash and avoiding hot and spicy foods..

    2.In case if it is in the form of thick curdy white patches it can be due to yeast infection known as Oral Thrush and treatment will be done by antifungal mouthwash like Nystatin mouthwash and clotrimazole lozenges and taking probiotics like Yoghurt and garlic..

    You should therefore consult an oral physician and get evaluated and treatment can be planned according to the cause..

    Hope this information helps..