Having lump on ear lobule

Hello Doctor,

I am having lump filled with pus on my ear lobule and its causing  swelling and pain in ear.

There are many  same lumps on my body too.

i took alot of homeopathy medicine but there is no result.

Having lump on ear lobule

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  1. Hello Sagar,
    Welcome to Medimetry!!
    Pus filled lump which is also known as a pustule is a sign of infection. Firstly since when are you having this pustule? If it's possible can you send a picture of the pustule?
    The best medicine with the information that you have provided is Silicea 6x which is a Homeopathic medicine specific for pustules. However if you can provide more details as I mentioned above, I will be able to suggest even better and a specific medicine for you.
    Please contact us for better guidance. Thank you.