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  1. Thanks for consulting us.Let me know the degree of placenta previa.
  2. Please let me know your
    date of LMP and if you have any bleeding per vagina.If it is early pregnancy with advancement of pregnancy placenta usually migrate upwards if it is not of major degree.I need to know the position of placenta that is anterior or posterior along witht Type/degree.For the present avoid intercourse and be on bed rest.Get your blood examined for Haematocrit values.Grouping and Rh typing.Serological tests and fasting &PP sugar.Take meficines as advised by your doctor.You can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 & also mention my name with the question title.
    Take care.Best wishes.
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    Thank you sir my LMP is 24.12.2015 and placenta is 2cm from internal os praevia I St degree
  4. Thanks.Presently you are carrying 19+ wks.Take care follow advice given and let me know the position of placenta anterior or posterior.
    Best wishes.
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    Placenta is posterior in position Any chance to coming upward position?
  6. Good morning.Thanks for updating me.Please get an USG done after 4 weeks.Follow the advices given earlier.It is difficult to say now.You please have your regular check up and don't miss an appointment.
    You must consult a Senior Obstetrician and be delivered in a good hospital with blood bank.
    Best wishes