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  1. Hi thanks for posting your query to MediMetry.
    I would like to know if there is any fever, shivering, severe headache, breathing difficulties and dark urine or if blood present in any body fluids. If so kindly approach the nearest health centre for a checkup.
    In the meanwhile, please take plenty of rest, keep yourself well hydrated with water, lime juice, rice water, ORS, energy drinks, soup, etc.
    If you have lost your appetite, please know your body still and now requires energy to cope up with these symptoms, so please have a lot of home cooked less oily and spicy food.

    You may consider an OTC antiemetic Mouth Dissolve, which you have to place under your tongue and not swallow if you are having nausea or feel like vomiting.

    Please feel feel to approach me with your queries.
    Live healthy.