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  1. Hi...please elaborate your condition as in....since when it is happening, what kind of pain is it, when is it the most- while walking, in the night?
  2. Was there any injury? How old are you? Do you have any medical history?
  3. Is it calf that pains? Or the front aspect of legs?
  4. You can massage your legs from down to upwards if it is calf that pains....take half a banana every day as there could be potassium deficiency which leads to calf pain....

    You can apply some cold packs over calf region.
    Do some stretchings by standing on heels atleast 5-10times.

    Also get your calcium and vitamin-d tested.
    If you are overweight try to reduce it as it puts strain over legs.

    Indulge into physical activities like walk, cycling, heel and toe standing, stair climbing etc.

    Rest will be told better if you provide your details.