Having left side chest pain and gastric problem

Hello Doctor ,

i am having left side chest pain and pain in left arm, due to this i am unable to lift left hand properly.

i feel discomfort while sleeping and turning both side on bed.i am not able to sit on chair due to this chest pain.

i am also having other problems like gastric problem, high stress, bad eating habits. My X-ray, ECG,blood test all are normal.

The doctor prescribed me to have pantop regularly. I have also consulted with the doctor of Fortis hospital one and half year back, and she told me to not worry about.

After that treatment everything was fine for one and half year, but symptoms started again. Whenever i dont sleep properly, the pain in arms and chest area starts.

What should i do? Please suggest me.

Having left side chest pain and gastric problem
Family Physician

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    Thanks for the quety
    Any left sided chest pain should not be ignored.
    Any history of lifting heavy weight, strenuous work, exercise etc., might also cause shoulder and chest pain.
    There are chances of pain radiating to the arm and chest due to cervical spondylosis (neck pain).Follow these simple steps:Use a low cotton pillow.Lie down straight in the bed.Do not place your arm underneath the head.Avoid straining and exerting exercise
    Go for a cervical X ray and repeat the ECG

    well what type of pain are you facing
    is it associated with following symptoms

    1.Squeezing type of pain or heaviness in the chest.
    2.Radiation of pain to the left arm or neck. 
    3.Associated with sweating or giddiness.

    Even if these factors are not there also, it is advisable to consult a doctor if you experience chest pain (even if it is in the midnight). 

    The other precaution that can be taken is to take tablet Ecospirin 325mg immediately once you experience the chest pain. But again do not just sit at home after taking the tablet, go to the doctor as soon as possible.
    Take care