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  1. Hi

    Joint pain is a degenerative age related condition...

    Generally the joints affected are knee joints, spine(backacke), neck region(cervical) and then rest of the joints are seen involved that too less common.
    Firstly you should take hot packs if there is no swelling or any traumatic signs....esp.if it is back hot pack gives good relief.
    If there is swelling over knees then apply ice packs othereise hot packs will help.
    Postural correction or prevention plays the major role in any joint pain.
  2. Need some more information like which joint?1 side or both side?any history of injury or weight lifting?age?gender?wat causes of the pain more?any other medical aeilment?ve you consulted anybody before? If yes any investigation done?
  3. If it is knee joint then

    Avoid low floor sitting, using indian toilets.
    Avoid crossed leg sitting, prolonged standing at one place, squatts.

    Do not massage directly over the joints. Indulge into walk for minimum 15 min.

    Visit a good physiotherapist get yourself examined and take regular sessions which should include IFT, hot packs for 1st 3-4 days and thn according to pain level include some isonetric exercises and dynamic mobility too.
  4. Do follow your physiotherapist and his/her instructions properly and religiously...
  5. Also get your calcium vitamin D vitamin B12 checked