Having jock itch and tinea versicolor .

Hi, I need help. I am having jock itch and tinea versicolor from January 2017. Have been on meds since then for it BT no success. Now my face is covered with pimples and huge dark circles. PleaseĀ I have wedding coming up in May and my face and body is in worst shape.

Having jock itch and tinea versicolor .

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  1. hello welcome
    pls tell me what medicine you are taking fir fungal infection.
    . Dont keep the area wet at all . Use powder frequently to keep it dry
    2. Avoid itching and don't scratch it
    3. Change the under garments
    4. Don't apply and general or steroid cream like betnovate etc
    5. Don't stop the medicine once you cure. Continue medicine for long time to completely kill the fungal
    6. Avoid excessive sweating and wet cloths
    7. Check diabetes and thyroid it is really recurrent even after proper treatment.
    Now treatment part
    Tab itraconazole 200 mg once in a day and apply keticonazole cream for 1 month