Having irregular periods

Doctor, I’m having irregular periods. This month my period has lasted more than 8 days. First 4-5 days there was only spotting and the next 5 days I had normal period with moderate to low flow. However I’m on my 10th day today, still experiencing low flow. I didn’t experience any cramp though. Should I consult a doctor?

Having irregular periods
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  1. Hello welcome to medimetry

    Thanks for the query

    well for the irregular periods i would suggest to undergo following test:

    1.Thyroid profile


    3.harmonal profile for serum oestrogen and testosterone


    By getting all this test its easy to diagnose if there is any kind of abnormality and so the treatment will be suggested according to the reports

    And as you are already obese it can be doubt ful either hypothyroidism or pcod

    please revert back to me with your reports!
    Take care