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  1. Hello Rushali. Welcome to Medimetry. Your ideal body weight should be about 62 kg, which is fine as per your current weight. Hypothyroidism is treatable medically and should not be a matter of concern with proper management. Diet and exercise play equally important role to maintain your weight. Follow these guidelines to help you manage your weight. 1) Eat a protein rich diet like include dals, soya, eggs, sprouts etc in every meal. 2) Eat citrus fruits like lime, orange etc 3) Eat 2-3 portions of vegetables daily with inclusion of raw vegetables. 4) Drink green tea empty stomach every morning 5) Add ginger, cardamom or black pepper powder 1/2 teaspoon in salads daily or have it with lukewarm water. 6) Follow a strict exercise pattern of about 45 mins daily. 7) Cut down on refined foods, bakery foods, simple sugars, junk foods, fruit juices etc. For a detailed diet plan, kindly go for a private consultation. Thank you.