Having hypothyroid problem

Hello, I am having hypothyroid problem. Medicine taking (75 mon to Fri)and(100 sat and sun). I have thyroid since October 2011 after one year of my marriage. Now I have 14 months baby. Currently my weight is 65kg. I want to reduce my weight to 50. Kindly suggest diet to control both thyroid and weight. Thanks


Having hypothyroid problem

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  1. Hello Gurpreet. Welcome to Medimetry.

    Gurpreet controlling thyroid with the help of diet is the last option. But, yes weight can be controlled with the help of exercise and healthy diet which can also help you to control your hypothyroidism. Follow a regular eating pattern with small frequent meals. All meals should include a protein source from either of the pulses, sprouts, legumes, milk, curd or buttermilk. Avoid soya and its products. Start drinking lukewarm water with 1 squeezed lemon after every meal. Add pinch of black pepper or dalchini powder to salads or lemon water to increase your basal metabolic rate. Incase you eat non veg, avoid meat, deep fried non veg preparations. Cut down on junk foods and refined foods. Drink sugar free beverages like tea without sugar etc. Exercise 30 mins daily to help you burn more calories. Go for brisk walk, running, jogging, cycling etc. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.